Time to “Refresh the Bubbles”
(i.e., "Taking a Break!")

We have one of those machines that makes soda. We use water, a flavored mix, and a carbonator canister adds the bubbles! No sugar and no artificial sweetener. Sometimes, when the drink has gone a bit flat, we can “re-carbonate” it.
Our soda is...fizzy again.

For more than four years, I’ve began writing Brain Bubbles. It continues to be a passion of mine, and from the responses I get, others enjoy it as well. (Well, perhaps the word “enjoy” is not always the response.)

When I began the blog, I determined that it would not be about one thing, though there have been accusations to the contrary. As part of the stated purpose, I wanted Brain Bubbles to be about whatever was “bubbling up” in my head at the time.

While I certainly write about LGBT issues, that’s not the focus.
Though I’m a person of faith, and share my perspectives, it's not about religion.
I write about politics, but that’s not the bulk of my content.

From the start, I promised to be transparent in sharing about myself (some have said I’m a bit too honest at times), and I’ve shared my struggles with my weight, the conflicts I’ve had with my fathers (Yes, plural), regrets I’ve had in my past, my reason for coming out, how I met my wonderful partner 16+ years ago, and our search to find a “church home.” There have also been posts about movies, and TV and music.

And I’ve written about...writing. I’m not a best-selling author, but I have three novels published, and I’ve been writing for more than 45 years, and 25+ of those years as a professional writer—in Journalism, Public Relations and Communications. I regularly pass on tips and insights to help aspiring authors improve their craft.

I know some “professional” (full-time, monetized) bloggers will write and post several new entries each week. Some more!  I think I’ve averaged at least two a month, including the articles for the “cancer section” on my site.

And now, I need to “re-carbonate” and refresh the “bubbles.”
So I’ve decided to take a break from active blogging.

What will I do during my sabbatical?

First, I have lots of reading I want to do; it’s one of the best ways to re-charge my passion. If I could line up all the books in my Kindle queue, waiting to be read, it would look like the line to Space Mountain. Most are theological, as I continue to deepen my understanding, seek meaningful expressions of my faith, and learn how it can best be lived out in our world. A few are political and historical, and two are by friends who tell their story of self-acceptance and freedom. There are a couple of novels (fiction) I want to read as well, but I’m not including them on this list. I’ll consider them like dessert—if I get to them fine, but I'll concentrate on the main course. (Which if you know me well, you’ll laugh at the lunacy of that analogy!)

Note: If your interested in seeing what I'm calling my Summer Reading List, I've put it online.

Also, I want to concentrate on my next novel. And I have several ideas for futures novels that I’d like to develop.

My website is crying out for my attention. I set it up a few years ago, and the structure is all there, but I’ve always had the “best of intentions” of adding more useful content, particularly in the “Rainbow Resources.” That will involve time for research and writing of the new materials, as well as the logistics required for incorporating it into the site. (I’m not a webmaster!)

I also have some additional articles I want to write for "C"hronicles, the section of my website where I write about cancer, and provide resources for those dealing with disease, either personally or as a loved one.


And of course, I will spend time on future Brain Bubbles. I have so much I want to share; it’s overwhelming at time. There are literally hundreds of “ideas” in my online storage folder; some are not much more than a line or two, but others are nearly complete. (And let's face it, with the 2016 elections coming up, I need to be in top form!)

Just to be clear: I can’t promise that if something current catches my attention, I won’t pound out and post a new entry. (I have opinions. And there are times when I think I’d explode if I didn’t write!)

For now, I anticipate my “break to re-carbonate” to last a couple of months. Perhaps all summer. But I’ll continue to be active on my Facebook page, so if you haven’t “Liked” it yet, please join our fun community.

Thanks for all your support during the past four years.
See you soon!


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