At the  book signing  for the release of   The Mind Set on the Flesh

At the book signing for the release of The Mind Set on the Flesh

Welcome to My Website

Thank you for visiting my website. I’m honored!

I don’t want to spend too much valuable front-page space talking about me. (There’s details on the About Me page.) So here are FOUR things that might help you know me better:

1. A Gay Person of Faith. I spent 15+ years in the Deep South as a Christian minister in mainstream denominations. Then I made the decision to live my life in honesty and integrity (i.e., I “came out”). I’ve embraced and reconciled both my faith and my sexual orientation. I’m no longer in ministry, but I continue to work for reconciliation, equality, diversity and inclusion, particularly in the religious community. Occasionally, I'm asked to speak at churches and conferences.

2. Survivor. First, I feel fortunate to have survived my harsh background in Fundamental Christianity. Second, because of their rigid interpretation of Scripture, I became part of an organization that promised to “heal” my sexual orientation. I’m grateful to have survived that experience; I have dear friends who did not, and took their own life as an escape. Finally, I’m a cancer survivor who is once again battling the disease.

3. Observer. I am fascinated by what’s happening around me. And I often have an opinion! It’s this aspect that motivates my blog, Brain Bubbles. It’s where I share whatever is “bubbling up" in my brain—personal insights, life lessons, current events, writing techniques, answers to questions about my books, silly stuff, random ramblings and serious matters.

4. Writer!  My writing flows out of what I observe, what I’ve experienced, and who I am. (Plus extensive research!) I’m the author of three novels, as well as short stories and “parables.” I maintain an active social media life, including my Facebook Author page. In addition, I volunteer with an online support group for those who’ve been hurt by “ex-gay” ministries.

That’s me…in a nutshell.
(Those who know me will affirm that the operative word is...nut!)

Again, thanks for visiting my site.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments.

A Time for Every Purpose draws inspiration from It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol, with a sprinkle of The Wizard of Oz thrown in, and is told with a "lavender" twist.

It’s a  light-hearted story that takes an imaginative, speculative look at a serious subject.

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Rainbow Resources


For me, this site is more than a place to sell books. (Though I do hope you'll consider buying and reading them.) I also want to provide resources on some of the controversial subjects covered in my writing, such as reparative therapy (“ex-gay” treatments), being gay and Christian, and the Bible and Homosexuality.

As a Christian who's also gay, it's important to me that this information is available to those who want to do additional reading/studying, and especially for those people of faith who are struggling with their sexual identity.

This material has been honed over many years of intensive (and continuing) research, personal experience and ongoing ministry.  If you know of someone who’s struggling, has concerns or would like more information on these topics, I hope you will direct them to this site.

I invite comments, discussion or opposing opinions. If you have a question for me, I’ll gladly respond.

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Don't make me beg (I will!), but if you need convincing or some additional motivation, I offer these TEN reasons.

The blue ribbon is for Prostate Cancer Awareness

The blue ribbon is for Prostate Cancer Awareness


I am a cancer survivor who's once again battling the disease. I wanted to provided some helpful information for others.

I am not one to tell others how to feel about their cancer, nor do I contend that having this disease is some kind of cosmic learning experience. However, I like to think my experiences and observations might benefit others.