Another Blog?

Do we need another blog?

Do we need another blog?

The Internet is full of blogs. Think of a subject, and you’ll probably find someone who considers themselves an expert, so they write a blog. And you’ll find practically every topic has been covered:

  • Political: any party, and every degree of passion. If you comment on these blogs, I recommend a flame-retardant keyboard!
  • Health: everything from support for those with a specific illness to alternative forms of treatment.
  • Topical: not just reporting on current events, but dissecting and interpreting them.
  • Interest or activity focused, such as people who enjoy hiking or naturalists…and probably those who like to hike in the nude.
  • Travel: where they’ve been, where you should go (and not go), what to do when you get there, etc. These blogs usually have lots of pictures.
  • Sex/sexuality. ‘Nuff said. (These sites typically have lots of pictures, too!)
  • Religious: some you know, and some you’ve never heard of; every possible path to God, combined  with every points of view; many blogs are dedicated to disagreeing with all the other religious blogs.
  • Entertainment: details on anything from new TV shows to gossips about the stars of the TV show.

All of this begs the question: do we need another blog?  Perhaps not. But I’m just arrogant enough to think that I have something to say, though slightly less arrogant to think that others might choose to read it…much less respond.

Arrogance is also the reason I don’t see this as “another blog.” And it’s why I’m calling it Brain Bubbles. It’s not about a single, specific topic; it’s a place to share whatever is “bubbling up” in my head at the time. I have opinions…strong opinions…but I’m not an expert, just more of an observer.

I read lots of blog posts, and there are some that I read on a regular basis. Blogs are a great place to get insight and instruction; you can get information from someone who has insight on a specific issue or a topic. Conversely, it’s also a place to be misinformed, since they might be giving their opinion, and not too keen on research which might disprove their preconceptions. And it’s perfect for arguments! (After all, it’s run by someone who thinks they are THE expert!)

The primary reason I wanted to do Brain Bubbles was to engage discussion on some of the controversial issues in my books, particularly the Bible and Homosexuality and the dangerous practices of reparative (“ex-gay”) treatments. My hope is this section will be a place to interact with those who are struggling in these areas.

But I plan to cover other topics as well. I enjoy movies, music, TV and reading; those will undoubtedly show up here as well. For more about some of the topics I anticipate covering, please read the Purpose section.

I hope you’ll come back. I welcome your input, including comments, suggestions, questions and differing points of view. I invite you Subscribe so you'll be notified when a new entry is posted.



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