A Dream...Inside a Dream


Dreams fascinate me. Life inside our dreams has no limits. We are able to perform magical feats, relive past experiences, reveal our deep fear (spiders!), visit far-away places, exhibit special talent, converse with those who are no longer with us, or have the crap scared out of us!

Author's Note: One of my dreams allowed me to sing in a Broadway musical...which might also be the nightmare of those who've heard me sing!

I know many put great stock in dream interpretation, whether psychological, religious, or metaphysical/supernatural. Freud believed dreams were symbols of unfulfilled wishes. (i.e., I feel inadequate, so in my dreams I can fly.) Carl Jung, who is famous for his work on dream analysis, felt strongly that dreams were useful in counseling. I know some who think every dream is a message from the Almighty. (“Thou shalt become a missionary on the beach of Fort Lauderdale.”)

Personally, I’m not one to spend much time trying to determine if my dream was a message from the divine (“Hey, God, what’s up with spiders?”) or the after-effects of a late night pizza. ("Oh dear God, spiders!") But I am fascinated by dreams! Once, in a dream, I was conversing with a very famous actress, who apparently was a good friend of mine. We talked about things we had together done as kids. I knew facts and details about her. And those memories seemed real, though I've never met the woman.


Recently I had a dream that was profound enough to make it into my journal. And it’s stayed with me, so I thought I’d share.

In my dream, I'm talking to someone and telling them…about a dream that I'd had. In other words, the “me” in the dream had a dream that me, the dreamer, had never had. A dream inside a dream. And while I can’t remember the details of my actual dream, I do recall the dream that my dream-self related.

I'll say it again: Fascinating!

Many of us grew up on the idea that “Dream can come true.” (Who wouldn't believe Jiminy Cricket?)

And we all probably had definite dreams for our lives.

A family?

However, I think if we're truthful, few of us are living our "dream life."

I dreamed of (and prepared for) a life in the ministry.
I've dreamed of writing best-selling novels.
I dreamed of a long, healthy life.
I dream of a 32” waist.

Obviously, not all of my dreams came true. 

At the risk of sounding like a Preacher's sermon illustration or a Motivational Speaker's inspiration analogy, here’s the take-away lesson for me. In the midst of our life, even when all our dreams don’t come true, there can be another dream embedded inside. A dream within the dream.

My life is certainly not the way I envisioned.
How about yours?
However, I can say I am thankful for what my life is now! 

Just when we think dreams don’t come true…a different dream becomes our reality.

Note: This post was originally published on a previous blog, and has been revised and updated.