One Kiss. Two Responses.


I’m sad to report that at any moment, we can expect the world to end. It’s been coming for a while, with activist judges ruling that all Americans are entitled to the same rights, including the right to marry the person they love. We’ve seen the clear signs of this Apocalypse, in the form of God’s wrath displayed in tornadoes, floods and earthquakes. Obviously, intolerant gays are to blame with their godless Agenda of persecuting Fundamentalist Christians and resisting all attempts to impose a theocratic government.

And now they have infiltrated the most apple-pie of our sacred institution--professional football.


Openly gay player Michael Sam, last year’s SEC Defensive Player of the Year, was drafted by the St. Louis Rams. In the excitement of hearing the news, he kissed his boyfriend on national television. And it wasn’t on on that decadent HBO; it was primetime on ESPN, where decent folks typically feel safe enough to watch NASCAR racing.

And while we await the imminent explosion of our world, it’s already happening on the Internet and conservative talk shows. Some are organizing boycotts of the team, the league and sponsors.

I admit that I’m not a sports fan, but I do recognize the significance. Regardless of how well he plays, history was made with his selection. We know there have been gay players in the NFL, but none have been out during the time they played.

Many are voicing their opinions, and as in most of these events, they tend to fall into two opposite reactions. I was particularly intrigued by two responses from here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

First, we have Dale Hansen, the sports director for WFAA, the local ABC affiliate.

Side Note: You might remember that it was Hansen who delivered a brilliant and rational commentary back when Michael Sam came out. The video went viral, and landed him on the Ellen show.

Then there was the discussion on The Broadcast, a local clone of The View or The Talk. Amy Kushnir, one of the hosts was incensed by the public display of affection, and protested: “When parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong…I don’t want to see that.” When she was asked if her dislike of such PDA extended beyond same-sex kissing, the outraged host picked up her stuff and walked off the set. (And flew to New York, where she appeared on several shows, whining about the incident and promoting "family values."
(By the way, this is the same host who seemed to have no "moral" issue with being carried on to the set a few months earlier by half-naked male strippers!)

Host Amy Kushnir was offended by a man-on-man kiss because children would see it, but she doesn't seem as bothered by half-naked men carrying her out on stage.

Host Amy Kushnir was offended by a man-on-man kiss because children would see it, but she doesn't seem as bothered by half-naked men carrying her out on stage.

It was just a kiss.
But it was more!

Two responses.
One is rational and thoughtful, while the other is defensive (no pun intended), volatile and unreasonable.
One person presents it as matter-of-fact, but the other is unwilling to even consider there's another way to think, to the point of leaving rather than discuss it further.
One is compassionate, the other is judgmental.

Opinions aside, history was made with Michael Sam’s draft. And with that kiss.
It was another step on the road to equality.

And we’ve learned that history tends to remember those who oppose the struggle for equality in favor of their own bigotry, even when it is masked as religious conviction.


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