Ten Random Facts…about Me


Recently, I was going through some old stuff on my computer, and came across a file called “Random Facts About Me.” It was something I wrote 5-6 years ago when I first joined Facebook…and that was a popular thread. I’ve culled the list down (then it was 25 things), but thought it might serve as to give a further (more casual…trivial) introduction to me.

1. I have an allergic reaction to two of the main ingredients that make Mexican/Tex-Mex food – Cilantro and Cayenne Pepper. Makes it difficult living in Texas.

2. I once had my own radio show with a large Christian radio station. I would interview local “celebrities” as well as nationally known celebrities who were in town. (I also had short-lived monthly segment on a local TV news program and a column in a national trade publication.)

3. I collect lions. It has nothing to do with the zodiac "sign.” (I’m not a Leo…and believe astrology is a crock!) It began when I first read the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. A friend who also loved the book gave me a coffee mug with a picture of lion on it. Thus began the collection.

4. Speaking of coffee, I like coffee, but only coffee. No foam, no cream, no sugar, no frou-frou. Just coffee. Black coffee. And don’t put ice in it. (Starbuck’s would go out of business if it depended on me for income)

5. I’ve flown an airplane. It was on my “Life List” (i.e., things I want to do before I die) so I took flying lessons. I did my solo, and when I landed the plane and got out, I swore I would never do that again. The lessons ended!

6. I once worked as a writer for a stand-up comedian. (I signed a confidentiality agreement, so I can’t tell the name.) We would get together for a couple of hours and discuss issues, current events, etc. and then write the material. I was paid for each “joke” that he used in the show. (I didn’t get rich, but it was fun.)

7. I enjoy 1950s science fiction movies, and have a small collection on DVD. They are so reflective of the political climate of the day—suspicion of anyone/anything that is considered “different” that what the majority deems “normal.” (Think Joe McCarthy and the Un-American Activities Committee)

8. However, I cannot (and won’t!) watch horror movies. I enjoy suspense (like old Hitchcock films)…but blood and gore bothers me. I even have trouble watching TV shows like CSI because of the gruesome details.

9. I like bananas, but not banana favoring. (That includes Banana Nut bread, banana milk shakes, etc. YUCK!)

10. I’ve been using a computer since before DOS and (therefore) before Windows. It doesn’t necessarily make me old…just shows there was a world out there before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Do you feel like you know me better now?
Tell me a random fact about you….



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