Going Forward in TRUMPed-Up America

Donald Trump is the President of the United States.


See, contrary to the assertions and accusations of some who’ve posted on my page or in response to my comments, I am not in denial of reality.
I know he was elected.
And for the past three months, I’ve watched, and listened, and read what he’s said and done.

It should come as no shock: I’m not impressed!
More than that, I’m not surprised.
To me, he is exactly as I expected and predicted.

Donald Trump ran his campaign on a platform of cruelty, bullying and exclusion of "the Other." It was his rhetoric as well as his promises. What we have now are his executive orders and policies reflecting that cruelty, bullying and exclusion of "the Other."

So, I've continued to speak out against him.
And some continue to challenge my patriotism, accusing me of being divisive, disloyal and un-American.
(And, of course, those who tell me I should leave this country...MY country...if I'm so unhappy.)

Just last week, someone scolded me: “It's April already! You need to get over it and move on. It’s time to work together and move forward as a country. He’s our president, and you should respect that.”

Get over it?
Work together?
Move on?

The honest-to-Zeus truth is this: I’m not sure exactly what that means!
More importantly, I don’t know how.

Am I required to invest my time, my energies and my passion to “work together” with those who embraced this man’s view of women, Muslims, immigrants, Mexicans, LGBTQ people, the poor, the sick, the homeless, the hungry? Do I disregard his ridicule of a disabled person?

Do I stand shoulder-to-shoulder, arm-in-arm with White Supremacists and the KKK who see him as (pardon the pun) “The Great White Hope?”

Should I accept his aggressive, militaristic, xenophobic nationalism?

Am I required to turn a blind eye to his plans to strip millions of Americans of their healthcare coverage, with no plans...apparently no interest...in his promised (superior) replacement?

Do I ignore his misogyny and sexism? Must I overlook that he bragged about grabbing a woman’s pussy and sexually assaulting married women? Should I condone his statements equating a woman with how she looks? Am I not allowed to be worried that womens' healthcare and reproductive needs are being eroded?

Should the fact our air and water are being endangered not matter to me? (I’ll be dead soon, so do I let the next generation deal with it?)

Am I to happily accept that billions of tax dollars...that could be used for many, much-needed services...will instead go to build a wall that's only purpose is to make a nice photo opp, but won’t solve our immigration problem?

Do I acknowledge that education is so unimportant that putting someone completely unqualified...but who gave lots of money to Trump’s campaign...is acceptable?

As a pacifist, must I give up my desire for sensible gun laws?
Do I rejoice that he bombed a country for no other reason than as a PR stunt? (The attack did no damage!) Do I just shrug that it cost nearly $100 million, while we're being told our country can't afford Meals on Wheels for homebound senior adults, or school lunches for low-income kids. 

Do I stay silent when he panders to one (extreme) segment of the Christian faith, while at the same time, violating everything the Founder of that Faith...my faith...promoted?

Should I excuse his erratic behavior, childish antics, late night Twitter attacks on trivial matters like TV shows and celebrities? If he goes ballistic when a comedian insults him, can I have no concerns about his reactions in an actual national crisis?

Do I forget the lessons of history that showed us how despots and dictators come into power, when I see this man doing the exact same things?

Get over it?
Work together?
Move on?

I don’t think so!
Donald Trump puts this country in serious danger.
I believe that the damage that will be done...that is being done...will be long-term and lasting.

Respect him?
Not going to happen!
I find Trump utterly repulsive and reprehensible, with no redeeming qualities that would garner either my respect .

Move forward as a country?
Actually, I think that ship has sailed. And unfortunately, it’s sailing downstream!
Trump’s vision—his plans, his policies, his entire administration—wants to take us back to some twisted, fictitious nostalgia version of a “great” America. I can't and won't "work together" to help it happen.

Many see my resistance as “political differences,” partisan stubbornness, or being a sore loser. After all, I’m a Democrat and Trump is a Republican. 
But it's not true! In fact, such a simplistic explanation trivializes my distress.
This isn't about Party Affiliation; it’s about justice, equality, individual freedom and civil rights. For me, this is about compassion and human decency.
Donald Trump...indeed, the entire GOP administration...exhibits very little of that in their current incarnation.

I think as a country, we are fuc...well, call it TRUMPed up!

That said, I do have a personal plan, going forward.
I will continue to do what I do—observe and write.

Trust me, it won't be all Donald all the time; I don’t have the fortitude...or strong enough blood pressure meds...for that.
I’ll continue to write about movies, faith, TV, and quirky things that catch my attention and "bubble up" in my head.

Feel free to stick with me for the journey.

But also know this: if you’re offended by my (as one suggested) “obsession” with Trump, that’s not going to change.
This is too important.

You are free to disagree, if you are civil and respectful. You can ask me questions, and I'll respond.
But you cannot tell me to stop.
I won’t be silenced.
I won't be moving away.
My country means too much to me.

Yes, it’s mid-April, and I am completely aware that Donald Trump is the president of the United States.
I merely refuse to embrace him as MY President.

P.S. In times like this, I find comfort and hope in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.
This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”

“The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice.”


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