Ten reasons to "Like" my Facebook page:

  1. You have a platform for interaction with me. You can ask questions about the topics I cover in my books, about writing in general or even about the Bible (as it relates to the topics covered in my books). You can suggest topics for Brain Bubbles, or post information that you find useful. As long as we all follow the rules which are posted on my page, participation is encouraged.

  2. It's current. I update the content (my status) on a regular basis. You'll see everything from serious to lighthearted: current events, interesting facts about books & writers, random quotes (inspiring, thoughtful and twisted), humorous pictures and of course, personal rants.
    For the record, I’ve never posted a cat video!

  3. You can be involved in some of our interesting discussions.
    Think of all those opinions just waiting to be corrected.

  4. You will get informed first when there’s a new entry on Brain Bubbles.
    (Of course, you can also subscribe by email, and you'll be notified when a new "bubble" in posted...but please don't let that keep you from "Liking" my page.)

  5. You will have access to many varying “voices.” I post articles from different bloggers and publications I follow, which you might find appealing. (Even though most of them have more “Likes” than I do.)
    Likewise, I sometimes post articles from bloggers and publications that I passionately oppose, in order to inform and educate. (And of course, to rant!)

  6. You’re probably already on Facebook, so it’s easy.
    (It’s not like I’m asking you to donate money…or a vital organ.)

  7. It’s a fun group of people. You’re a fun person.
    We don’t need eHarmony to tell us we’re a good fit!

  8. Writers are very insecure people, and we need affirmation, so size (or in this case, numbers) matters!
    Some of the other authors make fun of me because they have more “Likes” than I do. (John Grisham has nearly 1.5 million!)

  9. So I can say with Sally Fields on her second Oscar win: "You like me. Right now, you like me!"


And 10: I'd really love to have you as part of our community.