They are not religious novels, but my characters live in the deeply religious culture of the “Bible Belt.”

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The Mind Set on the Flesh

Barnabas “Thumper” Rivers is a gregarious party boy trying to break free of his strict religious upbringing. His father is a nationally-known hellfire-and-brimstone preacher with a relentless crusade against those living a “sinful lifestyle” (like his son).  

Thumper probably knows more Scripture than most Bible teachers and likes to quote verses at the most unusual times and in the most unlikely places. He also has a unique ability to discern those who are hiding secret desires behind a “stained-glass” facade.

He doesn’t believe in love, but is a devoted disciple of lust—an ambassador to the pleasures of the flesh and a walking testimony to the flesh out of control. His quick wit, outgoing personality and good looks score him ample attention and plenty of one-night stands.

After being brutally beaten by a mentally unstable man, Thumper is left with little memory of his past and a desperate desire to remember his forgotten life and his friends. He’s unaware that his parents and his doctor are determined to prevent that from happening.

The aftermath and repercussions of Thumper’s tragic incident also ripple through a circle of people around him, forcing them to face their own reality:

  • Matt, Thumper’s caring roommate and fiercely loyal best friend with a not-so-secret crush.

  • Jonah, an earnest Bible College student seeking to live an honest life.

  • Winston, an outspoken ex-gay advocate who’s asked by Thumper’s parents to help their son.

  • Earl and Milton, who have the best of intentions to do God’s will, but lack of honesty will set in motion a series of bad choices that have life-long consequences.

  • Marti, his high school sweetheart who still carries a torch and has her own sense of God’s plan.

  • James and Gwen Rivers, Thumper’s parents, who sincerely want the best for their son, as long as it fits into their staunch beliefs.

  • The doctor with a personal agenda and a radical protocol to treat Thumper’s amnesia and in the process, change his sexual orientation from gay to straight…at any cost.

The Mind Set on the Flesh is a story of deception and manipulation in the name of religion.  
But what happens when the truth comes to light?  

Available in paperback and e-version.

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Available in e-version.

Have you read one of my books?

I would greatly appreciate it if you’d go to Amazon and write a positive review.