●    A Little Perspective
●    Transparency: A Few Personal Declarations

Old Testament passages

●    Genesis/Creation Story (Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve)
●    Destruction of Sodom (God’s judgment for homosexuality?)
●    Leviticus (An “abomination” to God?)


●    “Sodomites” (Who are they?)

New Testament passages

●    Romans 1 (It’s ain’t “natural!”)
●    I Corinthians 6 (No gays in heaven?)


●    Jesus and Homosexuality: Beyond the Silence (What can we learn from Him on this issue?)
●    Healing of Roman Centurion’s Servant Boy (Did Jesus meet a gay couple?)
●    Jude 7 (“Going after strange flesh”)


Coming Soon:

● Jonathan and David (More than friends?)
● Eunuchs: Was this the cultural understanding of homosexual?