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I won’t take much front page space talking about myself, but here are THREE words that might help you know me better:

  1. Observer. I’m fascinated by what’s happening around me. And I often have an opinion! It’s this aspect that motivates my blog, Brain Bubbles, where I share whatever is “bubbling up" in my brain at any given time—personal insights, life lessons, current events, writing techniques, answers to questions from folks on my Facebook page, silly stuff, random ramblings and serious matters.

  2. Writer.  My writing flows out of what I’ve experienced, and who I am. (Plus extensive research!) I’m the author of four novels. I also maintain an active social media life on my Facebook Author page.

  3. Survivor! I feel fortunate to have survived my harsh background in Fundamental Christianity. Because of the rigid teaching of my faith, I spent years seeking to change my sexual orientation. I’m grateful to have survived that experience; I have dear friends who did not, and took their own life as an escape.
    Also, I’m a cancer survivor who is once again confronted with the disease.

These days, I’m retired, living outside Dallas with my husband and our skittish rescue mutt, Brody.

That’s me…in a nutshell.
(Those who know me will affirm that the operative word is...nut!)

By the way, if you’re interested, there’s an expanded version of my bio.

A Double-Minded Man

Still grieving the recent loss of his wife, Nate Truett returns to work, ready to resume the familiar routine on staff at a conservative church in Birmingham, Alabama.

A chance encounter with openly gay Trey Stravos forces to the surface desires Nate has always successfully suppressed. As their friendship grows, Trey disrupts Nate’s self-imposed constraints, and introduces him to once-forbidden pleasures.

There’s a connection with Trey that Nate has never known, and an intimacy he didn’t expect. But what they’re doing goes against everything Nate’s been taught to believe.
Not to mention, if anyone found out, it would ruin his career.

Nate panics!
He begins attending a support group that promises it’s possible for him to change his sexual orientation.

The decision to get involved with this ministry does bring change, but not what Nate anticipated.
It also sets in motion events that thrust him into the media spotlight as a reluctant national spokesperson for successful transformation.
All while he struggles with unanswered questions and unresolved doubts.

To reconcile his internal conflict, Nate will have to question the faith he's always embraced and confront the feelings he's always hidden.

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