Where to Buy


So of my books are available in both paperback and e-version, and can be purchased at any of the major online booksellers. You can also request your local bookstore order the paperback.


Barnes & Noble

I also have a request.

If you do buy the book and like it, please consider posting a positive review on the two biggest bookseller sites, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com, along with your rating (e.g., FIVE stars?). This improves the search ranking of the book and helps with sales.


Want an autographed copy?


We have a few paperback copies of my first and second books. (The first one is no longer available in paperback at this time, but I do have some.)
Short of setting up a book signing in your area, or inviting me over for dinner, here’s the best option/solution:

Print this Form, fill it out and follow the instructions.

Send me the completed form, along with a check to cover the cost of the book and postage. I’ll gladly sign a copy from my stock and return it to you.
Thank you!