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Jean Book Nerd

The folks at Jean Book Nerd love books. And authors!
I was thrilled to be included.

In this interview with host Erik Werlin, we not only talk about my background and my new book, A Double-Minded Man, we get into some of the logistics of crafting stories, creating…and even naming…characters.


I was a guest on SarahTalk, during Pride celebration, with Sarah Austin and her wife, Becca. I love these two women, and their incredible story of love and courage.
There were some technical glitches, but we had a wonderful and fun conversation about growing up in Birmingham, Alabama during the civil rights movement, my early struggles seeking to change my sexual orientation, even to the point of becoming Executive Director of an “ex-gay” ministry. We close talking about my writing and my books.


Your Atheist Pastor

It was such an honor to be on this podcast with the amazing Luke King. He’s a kind and compassionate person, and we had a good time with this interview. Plus, he's incredibly funny!
(If it were an atheist, Luke would be my pastor!)

We talk about how I embraced my Christian faith, my immersion into Fundamentalism, why I got involved in "ex-gay" ministry...and when it all fell apart for me.


Recovering from Religion

Along with my dear friend Tim Rymel, M.Ed., I’m co-hosting the Recovering from Religion podcast.
Our guests offer personal experiences and insights from inside various religions and religious organizations, such as Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses and Scientology.
We talk with those who’ve been harmed by extreme religious beliefs and practices. Some of these folks ended up abandoning their faith, others re-defined it, and some are still in process. In addition, there are experts who can offer help, hope and healing.


Magazines and News Sites

I Started an 'Ex-Gay' Group in Alabama

In the first of a series of articles, Advocate magazine did a profile of me.

Meet the Conversion Therapists Who Turned Against Conversion Therapy

The Daily Beast interviewed me, my dear friend, another former “ex-gay” leader, and Mathew Shurka, the co-founder of the Born Perfect campaign to end conversion therapy. We talk about out past involvement in these programs, the dangers, how we walked away, and the damage this treatment can cause.

In Texas, a Quiet Effort to Protect ‘Conversion Therapy’ Is Underway

When a Texas state legislator introduced a bill to protect mental health professional who practice conversion therapy. Rewire News contacted me to give some perspective.