I am a cancer survivor.
More accurately, I am surviving cancer.

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer back in 1999, and was successfully treated. Nearly 13 years later, the cancer returned and I am in treatment.

When the cancer returned, I made the decision to journal what was happening to me. That’s what writers do. I called it my “C”hronicles, since it’s about my journey with the Big “C.”  (Get it?) I recorded my thoughts, feelings, fears, concerns, insights and responses about my experiences—the doctors, the tests, the people, the questions, the doubts...and the waiting. (OMG, there’s so much waiting!) I wrote often about some of the responses and reactions I got from people…from touching and tender to tacky and thoughtless.

I am not one to tell others how to feel about their cancer, nor do I contend that having this disease is some kind of cosmic learning experience. However, I have learned much on this journey, I like to think my experiences and observations might help others know what to do and what to say (and what NOT to say or do) when they learn of a loved one with this diagnosis. It’s those lessons that I share in these pages.

I’ll confess from the beginning to a somewhat warped, twisted perspective. I hope no one is offended. (But hey, I have cancer…so deal with it!)

And on a final note, as a Christian, my faith is extremely important to me. It has sustained me during my struggles with this disease—to endure the treatments and to recover from the damage it has done to my body. References to my faith should not be perceived as a attempt at conversion or condemnation of those who see things differently.

I’m including a comment section after some of the articles, and I welcome your input, comments, insights, questions, experiences, etc.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and I don’t have medical training. None of what I share here should seen as medical advice.