Book Reviewers

Thank you for your interested in reviewing my new novel, A Double-Minded Man…before it’s released in October.

Below are a couple of “qualifications" I think are helpful for the reviewer, as well as some important elements
of what you’d be agreeing to if you take on this project.

Please read this material carefully.

But first, let me give you the synopsis of the story you’d be reading, then hopefully /reviewing:

When we first meet Nate Truett, in January of 1982, he’s returning to work after a leave of absence following the death of his wife. He’s ready to get back to a familiar routine, as a Christian Counselor on staff with an Evangelical church in Birmingham, Alabama.

A chance meeting with openly gay Trey Stravos disrupts that plan, revealing that Nate has a secret.
Because of the rigid teachings of his religious faith, as well as a commitment to his ministry and his marriage, he’s always successfully disregarded or suppressed these “unnatural” attractions.

Nate and Trey start out playing racquetball and working out together. As their friendship grows, Nate’s self-imposed constraints dissolve, and feelings for Trey surface in ways Nate’s not experienced in the past. Over time, the inevitable happens as Trey introduces Nate to once-forbidden pleasures.

There’s a connection and intimacy with Trey that Nate has never known. But what they’re doing goes against everything Nate’s been taught to believe.
Not to mention, if anyone found out, it would ruin his career.

Nate panics!
Under the guise of observation and research as a counselor, he begins attending a support group built on the promise that it’s possible to change sexual orientation.

The decision to get involved with this ministry does bring change, but not what Nate anticipated.
It also sets in motion events that thrusts him into the media spotlight as a reluctant national spokesperson for successful transformation.
All while he struggles with unanswered questions and unresolved doubts.

To reconcile his internal conflict, Nate will have to question the faith he's always embraced and confront the feelings he's always denied.


I think the ideal person who takes on this assignment would have the following attributes:

  • Likes to read FICTION. This is a novel, so the people, places and events are not real. (Or are they?)

  • Not easily offended.

    • There’s adult language—probably comparable to what you’d hear in a PG-14 movie. (Including the dreaded f-word!)

    • You’ll find a few sex scenes. While the activities are not graphic or explicit, it is sex between two consenting men. (Definitely more than you’d find on network TV!)

    • It’s not a religious novel, though it’s set in a highly religious culture, with religious people at the center of the story. Many are sincere; others…not so much. Simple answers to serious problems are touted by some, but we also find those who ask difficult questions and have nagging doubts. Not all those questions and doubts may be resolved in a neat Chapter-and-Verse solution from the Bible. You’ll meet folks who’ve rejected the church completely, and have little good to say about it.

  • A major part of the story involves a Fundamentalist ministry that promises to change a person’s sexual orientation. The theology espoused, and the techniques utilized, might seem extreme, harsh, oppressive, or even silly. (They were all that!)
    Trust me. I’ve been there, and they are more accurate than you might want to believe. Sadly, the consequences could be heartbreaking, and deadly.
    If this subject is a trigger for you, I understand and suggest this might not the book for you.

Personal Note #1: On the flip side, if you support the theology and practices to change someone’s sexual orientation,
you and I should talk, but please do not agree to this project.

If you are interested in reading and reviewing, you will receive the manuscript in a PDF format.
There are a few important things I will ask of you:

  • Confidentiality. You are receiving this book as a gift BEFORE it goes on the market. I hope you take that responsibility as seriously as I do sending it to you.
    You will see the cover art before I reveal it to others. Please don’t share that.
    Please do not pass the manuscript along to anyone else without my permission.
    I ask that you not reveal the plot or spoilers in the story. (e.g., who dies, who wins the lottery, who gets married, who’s abducted by aliens, etc.)

  • Read the book. I know it sounds redundant, but if I send you the book, please make the time to read it. (Hey, you might even like it.) I see this as part of our agreement.
    The release is scheduled for October 4th, and I’d like as many reviews as possible posted on that day.
    If you change your mind, or life happens and find you can’t finish reading, and please let me know.
    (In the past, I’ve had several who agreed to review, but didn’t, and I never heard back from them.)

  • Write a positive review. Tell what or who you liked in the story, why others would like the book, something you learned, what impressed you, why others should read it, etc. Again, don’t give away the plot, beyond the synopsis I’ve provided.

Personal Note #2: If you need help, I can offer suggestions on style, spelling, grammar, etc., but I do want your opinion and your words. (It would be unethical for me to write your review of my book.) If you need instructions on how to post an Amazon review, I can provide that as well.
Amazon will want a name, but you can choose what to provide. (Full name; First name and only last name initial, fake name)

  • Copy me. After you’ve posted your review on Amazon, please send it to me also. I’ll use selected quotes on my website and Facebook.

  • Final Request: If you read the book, and hate it, or have an intense, negative reaction, I can’t ask you not to post that review.
    If you feel compelled to post your review, please wait for a few weeks. I want to make sure these initial ones are strong and positive.

If you are still interested, and can agree to what I’ve shared here, please send me an email (, and include Book Reviewer in the Subject Line.

Thank you!