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I'm aware that my writings address controversial issues (Is that enough of an understatement?) and raise lots of questions...and blood pressure. If I were clueless, the emails,  reviews and comments I get from readers would be enough to alert me.

Characters in my books confront questions about their own sexual orientation, self acceptance and the brutal reactions of others. They wrestle with reconciling their Christian faith and being gay—some embracing an integrated reality, others refusing to accept the possibility.  We see the reactions of close friends, family members, and the church—positive, negative, supportive and destructive, such as pressuring the gay person to enroll in harmful programs that (falsely) promise to “cure” them of their innate sexual orientation.  There are discussions on what the Bible teaches on homosexuality, and how that impacts people who make the decision to come out.

Author Note and Disclaimer: I tell people that just because my novels have religious themes, they are not religious novels; the stories are about people dealing with real-life situations and struggles in the profoundly religious culture of the deep south.  (One distraught reader on Amazon made the mistake of buying my first book, thinking it was Christian fiction, since the story involves a Baptist Church Youth Minister. She did not give it a good review. Oops!)
In the same way, while there are gay people in the books, I don’t see them as “gay novels.” I am a gay writer, but I have a broad range of stories to tell. In fact, my first novel dealt more with a straight man who wrestled with his place in the ministry than with any “gay” plot line.
For more on the influences of my writing, please check out my bio page.

For this site, I wanted to provide additional resources on some of the subjects, such as the Bible and homosexuality, being gay and Christian, and the myths and menace of reparative/conversion treatment programs, also known as “ex-gay” ministries. Over the years, I have researched, written and taught on these subjects in order to help those with questions and those who struggle, particularly those within the Christian community who are told they an "abomination" to God and must change to be included in the community of faith.

As I continue to migrate and refresh the information from my old website (it takes time), I’ll be providing extensive resource materials, which I hope will be helpful, educational and encouraging.

The Bible and Homosexuality: A Little Perspective

The Bible and Homosexuality: Some Personal Declarations

Jesus and Homosexuality: Beyond the "Silence"

The Lure of "Ex-Gay Programs

Gay and Christian?

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The Bible and Homosexuality

The "Ex-Gay" Deception

The Church and the Homosexual...and the Church

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